Integrated Movement Training


Why IMTr?



Detailed Movement Assessment

Integrated Movement Training Practitioners assess movement as a fully integrated system, determining cause and affect of different imbalances and treating the body as a whole. IMTr Practitioners will identify movement quality impairments causing the complaint or injury.  


Personalized Recovery Plan

After a detailed assessment, Integrated Movement Training Practitioners develop a personalized and highly specific Movement Restoration Plan and coach clients on how to understand and successfully complete the exercises. 


Interdisciplinary approach

Integrated Movement Training Practitioners are proficient in some of the leading soft tissue, nutrition, and strength training modalities available, allowing them work with all health and wellness professionals, to optimize a clients recovery while focusing on restoring their movement.


The Missing Link

Integrated Movement Training Practitioners break the cycle of incomplete recovery by addressing the missing link between Manual Therapy and Strength Training. Fixing the cause, not just the problem.  


Lasting Results

Soft tissue needs to be properly trained, not just treated. Integrated Movement Training practitioners want clients to live their life. We take pride in creating lasting results through preventing conventional treatment bounce-back and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure a client's needs are met, and provide results that get you out of the clinic permanently.  


Faster Recovery

Integrated Movement Training practitioners restore movement quality and neurological control to enhance and expedite recovery, getting you back to doing what you love, faster.


Better Preformance

By expertly identifying and treating movement quality impairments, IMTr practitioners are able to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury, whether it's competing for gold, or keeping up with your grandkids. 


Break Up With Pain.

Whether you want a faster recovery, enhanced performance, or are finding conventional treatment just isn't working; book your consultation with an IMTr professional today.


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